It’s not you , it’s me

i was born to be wild , born to free

lots of men try but they fail at my heart

and i am always well put together whilst they are torn apart

can’t a girl make a choice

from the knights that all seek

to reclaim my lost locks

or kiss me out of my sleep

for this is my fairy tale

and this part i must play

as the princess of the world

and the queen of my day.


Looking 4 a new love




Looking 4 a new love

where could they be?

by the cliffs of the mountains?

or by the rocks at the sea?

by the mouth of the fountains?

or at the call of the breeze?

by the stars and in counting?

or in the comb of the bee’s?.



Looking 4 a new love

2 dance the night away

sure a million hearts will break

at the wicked games we play

and a million stars will shine

at the music that we can make

but as long as you stay

we can make the whole earth quake.


as you shimmy and i jive

and our love becomes awake

and it feels brand new again

like on our first kiss, on our first date.images (16)