is reality a simulation?

do we get scared to think outside the box

to break our mental locks

even if we are mocked

or get a glimpse and we are shocked

our paradigms being shifted

and the veil being lifted

isn’t that why ,with minds we have been gifted.

challenge the status quo

because you never really know

how far the rabbit hole goes

and if the world is just a stage to pose

a simulation constructed

from the minds of aliens disrupted

or ancient astronauts in voyage

and man,their seeds grown in storage

what’s the reason for the stars

how i wonder what they are?

are they the eyes that see our soul

that keep earth from spinning out of control

what is awareness and the unconscious

is religion truth or human nonsense?

a pill to numb the pain

is the soul really a function of the brain?

they say now is the only reality

and in the mind there is no gravity

well i guess one day we’ll find

when we have an encounter with another kind.