The moment i arrive

i will not be deprived

i will strive and still will thrive

because i truly live to be alive

built a nation from the ground

up to touch the skies and crown

even when others fall down

i still do not back down

seen it all ,more is to come

after the dawn, i am the one

underneath the sun

and they wonder how i weave

the matrix and it’s all from my power to believe.

Push through

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Sometimes it seems we hit a wall

and all our dreams scatter and fall

and now we feel small where once we felt tall

yet if you push through ,you can make it out of it all

cos really it’s all in your mind

even if there’s reasons you try to find

to why in all the season’s  you grind and grind

and still success has been elusive and  unkind

give it another day, week or year

wipe out your tears , shake off your fears

and push through till you make it out of there

cos no one’s perfect ,everyone feels pain

the secret is to let the rain wash away the shame

just let go of the hills of guilt that your self doubt has built

rediscover your skills , and keep going until

your back again to where it feels like you remember you

and you’re at this point because you determined to push through.


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Play it cool

don’t be a fool

even if you love her, gotta play it cool

number one rule

don’t turn into a tool

lemme take you to school

first class is “play it cool”

you wanna rush

cos you feel so much

and you miss her touch

but don’t let her be a crutch

break free

and then you will see

that if it’s meant to be

then your path’s will both agree

until then , don’t break the rule

don’t make it look like your a fool

or turn yourself into a tool

playboy,play it cool….

Prove them wrong

They want you on your feet

slumped and crushed in defeat

needing their help to succeed

from their hands,to always feed

and you have two choices in the game

change your heart or just complain

change your mind , and transcend pain

find solutions and forget blame.

They think they know your story

and they try to tarnish your glory

sometimes thinking they are right

but wait!this is your life!

this is your movie, your fight

it’s you who knows what’s inside

cos from the truth , you cannot hide

so face it ,with head held high

i promise you your piece of the pie

is a rainbow docked in the sky

so prove’em wrong-cos it’s time to fly….

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