youngblood Yellow!!


This world is ours

yours and mine

baby, they can watch

because we own the time

and the globe goes round

on the love that we awake

and i’ll hold onto your hand

cos it’s real to me,where alot is just fake

They dont know about our love

but they say the do

and how i cry as a dove

when my heart speaks into you

and we trot across the shores

the sands , the sea’s and more

and you follow me on tour

and hear my fans in all their adore

when the cheers quiet and i’m left alone

on my sun kissed throne

that becomes my own

and still though i am far from home

you are with me, and i am in the zone

where purple flowers say sweet hellos

and the grass flows green to the soft meadows

and i looked at the stars,in your eyes and it was all Yellow!!























La vie est belle / 17


Dive into the echoes of the heart of the ocean

every movement a song , writhing in magic’s motion

possibility’s a potion-that relieves all the commotion

in the mind that should be still

when a Jack meets his Jill.

Hello, from the globe’s eye

why not fly on our next try

maybe Paris , maybe Dubai

all aboard loves boat to set sail with the dancing queen

oh remember my youth , when i was 17.


Lady Lourdes Leon



She runs in the rain!

hey! i can’t complain

that her sneakers got wet

and she missed the night train

and she danced in the park

to the drums -she was a spark

and a breath of fresh air

slippery skin,silk hair

and she told me that she wanted to go

up in the clouds and that nobody would know

what we did up there

only angels could hear

and we would birth some new stars in the sky

and sprinkle charms upon the planet, yes her and i.

and i’m watching and i’m waiting cos’ she likes to roam

never keep your eyes wide shut for Lourdes Leon

and she shared kisses, hugs and laughter, all while on her own

she’s a cherubs soul in rapture,Lady Lourdes Leon.