Venus in Leo.

364FCB5F00000578-3692193-image-a-65_1468596778196On the search for an angel

off the Amalfi coast

to sweep her off her feet

and chase away my ghost

of solitude and lonesome

when all i had was brood

of roses and oceans

she’s got  me in the mood.

I’m the King of the world

it’s an oyster i traverse

some say i play too much

well they must be perverse

for what else is the king to do

but to gaze upon his creatures

i’m just playing by the rules

when Leo is in Venus


The Nice guy

landscape-1459195349-hbz-nice-guy-00-index.jpgLets go out, how about to “the nice guy”

it’s hard to get in, oh well we’ll give it a try

we’ll make a reservation, call the number on the screen

maybe we’ll be seen , become a part of the scene

Maybe get a pasta, heard that’s what Kendall likes

Maybe get a selfie, cos i heard that she’s polite

maybe get her number , who am i kidding, right?

damn, i love this town , good ole’ Hollywood life.