Does mum really love me?

she’s breaking me down

she see’s my smile but hopes i frown

she tell’s them lies to hurt my name

and i wonder, wasn’t it from your womb i came?

she never rests in causing me stress

she never see’s me at my best

does she love me? you can take a guess

her answer is ,”i fed you my breasts”….

well sometimes she’s kind when she knows she’s been cruel

but still sometimes she thinks me a fool

and overwhelms me with her quirks and her rules

and makes me feel nothing more than her tool…

i long to break free

to one day see

just how it would be to raise my own family

and i promise never to treat my kids the same

but i won’t hate you,mom,it’s  not you i blame

you’re hurt and you don’t know what else to do

but to hurt everyone else ,so they can hurt like you

just a girl inside, still broken from pain

still i promise,to not take to heart ever again

the words that you’ve said

and all the times i wished you dead

and your voice of failure ,ringing in my head

but sometimes she’s lovely, when she wants to be,oh well!

will she ever change..?i guess only time will tell..


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