The Yogi

i mastered the art

to live life from my heart

from the start , it was my art

and nothing could tear it apart

changed the world with a sound

saw it come up and go down

saw it breathe prophets,and some clowns

and lord knows,what it is ,they are rapping about now!

but hey, i stay cool , cos that’s what the fly do

wear sandals ,cos my toes need fresh air,your’s do too

don’t be restricted by shoes,the universe leaves us clues

and you don’t have to be blue, unless its sky blue

i’ve seen it all

the rise , the fall

of my breath , through the heights of nepal

to the rhythms of senegal

master your mind ,and you master your illusion

hey look at me!i made it out of the confusion

cos the ego is the delusion,that causes the pollution

when we all can sit still, and watch the mask slip away

and day after day, we arrive at that place

where we are but a soul, and light is our face

and we hold hands as one

like when time had begun

and hey!that moment is now!

we’ll all get there , some day, some how!



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