The girl with no name

she’s a jackson ,but still i would

if she had no name, love her if i could

cos who cares about fame, with her eyes so clear

as crystals and you can see the angels in there

and she is art, her body, soul and mind

and sometimes the people treat her unkind

because her father was special ,well she is too

but in another way , she’s part of the few

that hear the call of nature, her breath in all it’s song

even if she had no name, still i would string along

to wherever she would take me

eat whatever she would bake me

be two lovers ,gaia’s baby

and some people would think we were crazy

cos we saw the sun at midnight

and we rode to the moon at first light

but you have a name and it’s alright

so c’mon girl, set the hearts alight………




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