Teach me to swim in the moonlight

in the moonlight, black boys look blue

i never understood why my skin made me different from you

because on the inside,it’s blind,like the love that sinks it’s teeth

to the yearning of my heart beat and the crickets dancing at my feet

and all this silence ,was my glory to keep

in watching you breathe,as you struggled to sleep

and you knew the moon was crescent at it’s peak

and swimming in deep waters,still i heard you speak

now,i run, sometimes still but in my mind always moving

and i yearn to be better, always learning and improving

cos the moonlight changes faces,and sometimes so do i

sometimes with the gaze of a lion, you would never know i cry.



Does mum really love me?

she’s breaking me down

she see’s my smile but hopes i frown

she tell’s them lies to hurt my name

and i wonder, wasn’t it from your womb i came?

she never rests in causing me stress

she never see’s me at my best

does she love me? you can take a guess

her answer is ,”i fed you my breasts”….

well sometimes she’s kind when she knows she’s been cruel

but still sometimes she thinks me a fool

and overwhelms me with her quirks and her rules

and makes me feel nothing more than her tool…

i long to break free

to one day see

just how it would be to raise my own family

and i promise never to treat my kids the same

but i won’t hate you,mom,it’s  not you i blame

you’re hurt and you don’t know what else to do

but to hurt everyone else ,so they can hurt like you

just a girl inside, still broken from pain

still i promise,to not take to heart ever again

the words that you’ve said

and all the times i wished you dead

and your voice of failure ,ringing in my head

but sometimes she’s lovely, when she wants to be,oh well!

will she ever change..?i guess only time will tell..

Voices of the heart

why is my heart longing

for a belonging

a song i could have written

before i was by darkness, bitten

now bruised,and waiting to heal

and the wound that has eaten my zeal

yet i search for love and the wanting

that can chase away my ghosts and haunting.

so drown me in your love and needing

and still this aching heart that’s bleeding

and love me,even if just a little

till my bones grow strong from worn and brittle

and take my shadow in your care

and clean my tears off with your hair

for a lover lays in side me

just in fate and for faith,that love shall find me.

just wanna hear you say”i miss you”

between the spaces

the faces i see

all i really want

is for you to miss me

to need me by your side

even when i run and hide

and to wait for me again

when the rain has healed my pain


can you need me evermore

even when i am unsure

it seems i took a detour

and lost the way back to your door

would you come find me?

trace the steps on my trail

will your heart still love and never fail

to stick it out,tooth and nail


sometimes i try , maybe too much

when i am lonely and miss your touch

to get you to see, how happy i would be

if you just said that you miss me..

Grammy pants!

a few years ago we didn’t have a lot of money

so we watched the grammy’s in our rental and sure we thought it would be funny

to one day get awards in our boxers just because

but to be for real ,standing here, now i know it was-

an angel in the ceiling, hearing what we said

cos we couldn’t even pay rent and we thought we would be dead

cos the music we made was too emo’ yeah that was what they said

and their voices haunted in our heads,but still we raced ahead

stressed out and falling,with the heathens on our ride

and still we had to bus it, cos we couldn’t afford to drive

now look how far it took us, that dream they thought would die

hell yeah! we stayed alive, our boxers,my best friend and i….

The Yogi

i mastered the art

to live life from my heart

from the start , it was my art

and nothing could tear it apart

changed the world with a sound

saw it come up and go down

saw it breathe prophets,and some clowns

and lord knows,what it is ,they are rapping about now!

but hey, i stay cool , cos that’s what the fly do

wear sandals ,cos my toes need fresh air,your’s do too

don’t be restricted by shoes,the universe leaves us clues

and you don’t have to be blue, unless its sky blue

i’ve seen it all

the rise , the fall

of my breath , through the heights of nepal

to the rhythms of senegal

master your mind ,and you master your illusion

hey look at me!i made it out of the confusion

cos the ego is the delusion,that causes the pollution

when we all can sit still, and watch the mask slip away

and day after day, we arrive at that place

where we are but a soul, and light is our face

and we hold hands as one

like when time had begun

and hey!that moment is now!

we’ll all get there , some day, some how!



Give them hope, give them a dream

cos the world can be cruel,sad and mean

and they were far away, where they no one would know their name

but from the wings of america, an Angel surely came

give them a life, not saying that they wouldn’t

but there’s an opportunity, and i know that you just couldn’t

leave them behind

to bear the brunt of time

and till the soil not giving

and still be without a dime

so give them a new home, a hope to rise with wings

cos you’re done with the superficial and all the material things

now you want to give love, as the name you bear connotes

and i’m rooting for you all, and here’s a poem i wrote.


When the chips are down

and defeats all around

and the clocks ticking fast

and it seems you won’t get past!

just dig a little deeper

cos you’re a winner not a weeper

and you stay awake ,not a sleeper

and its harvest time, so be the reaper

you can win, just put your mind to it

losing “21-0” still you can do it

when you hold your nerve

even on the ebb’s flows and swerves

and you keep your resolve

then there’ll be no problem you can’t solve

cos life is like the Superbowl

a roller coaster spinning out of control

but if in your heart there is the silence that knows

you’ll be the champion and you know how that story goes…..


The girl with no name

she’s a jackson ,but still i would

if she had no name, love her if i could

cos who cares about fame, with her eyes so clear

as crystals and you can see the angels in there

and she is art, her body, soul and mind

and sometimes the people treat her unkind

because her father was special ,well she is too

but in another way , she’s part of the few

that hear the call of nature, her breath in all it’s song

even if she had no name, still i would string along

to wherever she would take me

eat whatever she would bake me

be two lovers ,gaia’s baby

and some people would think we were crazy

cos we saw the sun at midnight

and we rode to the moon at first light

but you have a name and it’s alright

so c’mon girl, set the hearts alight………



“The Mother”

Strongest of  mothers,comes  bearing two

the sun and  the moon, in the month of June

and her pot of stew is filled with joy

for the sways and days of her girls and boy

to lay in a bed of roses she charms

and beckons the world to drop their arms

and lay in her arms so warm and soothing

and she’ll tell you the secrets to quell your confusing’s

she’s choosing a flower

in your heart to devour

the minutes and hours

that hate stole you power

now take of her love, her passion and kiss

for there may never be,another moment like this

where the stars align in glory

and history is Her Story

and the world will then know

that it’s the mother that birth the soul.