we just wanna be free

to live our lives in peace ,joy and  harmony

and we love your great country

and promise to let you all see

that we breathe the same air

share the same cares

fright at the same fears

cry the same tears

so don’t send us back

because right now, our countries lack

the strength to stand on its own

and we can no longer call it home

the bombs chase away our sleep

our livelihoods, our sheep

and all we want is to keep

a roof over our heads ,cos our wounds are deep

we need a place to heal

we aren’t coming here to steal

we just want again a chance

to live,to love and to dancesyr

weekend love

kiss me baby,before the night is through

cos who knows how many more nights i’ll get to spend with you

cos our lives are moving fast , and everyone has a point of view

and it becomes a million hearts, in the affairs of just us two

it can go good,i pray and i hope really that it does

or it goes bad and we stray and return to what was

in this town that by the day,love fades and couples end

and lovers turn to enemies,skipping the parts of friend

but for now, just love me baby as we see the city lights

and we toast to the stars ,that have blessed us with this life

of luxury and fame, that’s the game we see from above

but i would trade it all,to get a taste of real love.



I prove that i am the best

in the heat of every contest

raising my game

now the world knows my name

and i still will not stop

because there is a place even further than the top

where the glory rests and i fulfilled my quest

and i owned the court with no room for guests

because the peak is high

and my eye is in the sky

so i will always look up

and again and again i will try

to push past the limit

from start to finish

and even when i stop

my greatness will never diminish.

Mama Africa

She’s coming to take her crown

because for Aeons she has been held down

held back and left alone

and her children stolen from home

and still they march in waiting

and shouting matches and debating

for the master to set free their souls

and the pieces gone to make them again whole

mama Africa ,  A lover a friend

a mother and teacher, nurturing till the end

from the hills of savanna to the waterfalls that flow

she’s holding to you tight and she won’t let go

so brothers and sisters, out in the lands beyond

the motherland is waiting, these years you’ve been gone

and in her is no debating, just the sweet dew of the morn’

and the chains will be broken , from your mind and your feet

and you kiss the ground that she walks on, then you will be complete


The way

Who knows the path

is it spoken in english,or solved in math?

settled in silence or stirred up in wrath?

who knows the way, who knows the path?

to conquer your fears and your minds great ghouls

does it make you a saint to be more than the fool

who’s jesting at the thought that life’s a school

where some go to class, and others play in the pool

but all is one,as the sides of the coin

whether you are apart or if you choose to join

the fire and the ice – the water that it makes

and the floods that are quelled when you master the lake

that’s arising from the flow,that the mind goes in stride

and the jewel in your heart shines from inside

when you know that the path is still many but one

and remember,there is nothing new under the sun.


Belle of the ball

She mask’s her pain

and her tears are like rain

that dances on my roof

but yet her smile is a proof

of a girl that wants to love

and though she cries like a dove

still she is consoled by her angels above

and oh! does she love, hard and in falling

but all around the world,young hearts are calling

for a touch so divine

and as much as there is time

i wish i could her,this second that is mine

as the clock strikes midnight

and the eve gives way to first light

she’ll be in my arms, with her charms

and sure i’ll hold on tight.



Forget about what’s past

the past wasn’t made to last

focus on what’s ahead

and i promise, you won’t beg for bread

cos those dreams in your head

stay alive and well fed

if it’s linked to your heart

and today can be the start

of a new way to live

so love , laugh , and give

your time, knowledge and love

and be cheerful like a free dove

and when your dream is actualized

you’ll no longer be surprised

cos it was what you always knew

when you realized that it really does pay to believe in you*