Think Big


you wanna think, you might as well think big

be a big shot, do just like he did

get first dibs , never know you just might

be commander in chief and set the world alight

it’s all in your mind but you’ve gotta control

the thoughts that come out from the depths of your soul

and when you ride that ship ,with the wind in your sails

you’ll remember it’s your thoughts ,that made you prevail.

if not you, then who? if not now, then when

we all wanna win, so why should we pretend

and settle for less,when we wanna be the best

and what do i think? hey , take a guess

i want the good life, the Yatch and the jets

the S in success but not the excess

cos too big to fail, well we’ve been there before

but now we’ll get it right and settle the score.


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