To heal your singing soul


i can ease your pain36FC663700000578-3733825-Taking_to_the_stage_She_is_set_to_perform_at_the_Brisbane_Entert-a-9_1470866678799.jpg

and calm the rain

that seems to drain

from all the fame

and they call your name

but do they know?

the real you

and not the girl on show

who likes quiet nights in with a furry friend

who tells it like it is and doesn’t pretend

and fights for those when no one cares

and when no one notices , still you are there

now you sit bruised ,heavy and sad

but in time, you’ll be fine , pretty and glad

cos’ life’s a wheel ,going up and down

and up again till a smile grows from a frown

and on that day when your heart gets it flutter

and you feel great again and soft as warm butter

just remember to sing it’s what you came to do

and one more thing,i believe in you.


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