I Still got it!


Lovely ladies still swoon

when i turn on the croon

and my voice  still gets em’ hot

yes i sure do hit da spot..

so when there’s a party and you know you wanna get down

or get up , it’s your call-i’m sure to be around

for the fountain of youth,pure flows in my olympic pool

and i sip on young blood and bathe in  “the cool”..

it’s in the water, the green grass and Los Angeles air

yeah,you should try living the good life-life without a care

it sure adds a spring to your step and takes the grey out of your hair

and in time like fine wine, you get better year after good year!



FRee The Nipple!!


when the breeze brushes my nipples

i giggle cos it tickles

not just a little but a lot

and the world around me thinks it’s kinda hot

well i’m just being me

don’t really care if they see

but one thing they don’t know is -i feel a rush of ecstasy

and the ring hits the spot

and i give all i’ve got

so listen to the vibe

baby,it’s so good to be young and alive..kenn.jpg



2 survive


yeah yeah yeah!!can you believe we survived?

the swings,the lows and  the terrific highs

and the screams and yells and the babes that raised hell

and our harmonies reached the heavens and we never could tell

if we would be around when the sound came back to  the ground

and we were a footnote on history and all the new kids in town

yet here we are alive

and we still love to jive

still kind of a big deal

c’mon mate lets go inside

and reminisce about the times

the tours, the encores and the wines

the records broken and our friends in paradise

yeah yeah yeah!!LiFE’S BEEN Nice………..3866F90D00000578-3791633-image-m-3_1473981046009.jpg







I put my hook into the sea

Now look and see, enough for me

enough for three and maybe four

who am i kidding? a lot lot more

and when my feet set foot on shore

and dad is back from his world tour

we’ll be back again to sail

wind to boat  , just us males

Cruise control along the path

it’s more than a feeling , more than math

more than science, i’m sure you’ll agree

when you catch the biggest fish in the sea.3784AEF000000578-3754672-Cruise_bought_his_son_a_500_000_top_of_the_line_fishing_boat_to_-a-25_1472226164534.jpg

How deep is your Love?


Can it go deeper?

are we lovers or sleepers?

on the same bed of roses

have we mastered our poses

for the flashlights and prying eyes

is this true love or a disguise

i want you to want me

flaunt me

but you haunt me

with your nerves in disarray

and you want to cry while i want to play

and i wanna fly buy you wanna stay

on the ground-lost not wanting to be found

will i stay around?




It’s not you , it’s me

i was born to be wild , born to free

lots of men try but they fail at my heart

and i am always well put together whilst they are torn apart

can’t a girl make a choice

from the knights that all seek

to reclaim my lost locks

or kiss me out of my sleep

for this is my fairy tale

and this part i must play

as the princess of the world

and the queen of my day.