youngblood Yellow!!


This world is ours

yours and mine

baby, they can watch

because we own the time

and the globe goes round

on the love that we awake

and i’ll hold onto your hand

cos it’s real to me,where alot is just fake

They dont know about our love

but they say the do

and how i cry as a dove

when my heart speaks into you

and we trot across the shores

the sands , the sea’s and more

and you follow me on tour

and hear my fans in all their adore

when the cheers quiet and i’m left alone

on my sun kissed throne

that becomes my own

and still though i am far from home

you are with me, and i am in the zone

where purple flowers say sweet hellos

and the grass flows green to the soft meadows

and i looked at the stars,in your eyes and it was all Yellow!!
























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