Birthday boy!

It’s that time of year

when the candles will be blown

and well wishes will be made

and the flowers will be grown

on the yellow brick road of fame

yeah, i know my way around

to the wonderful wizard of oz

and his funny wig and gown.

The keys to eternal youth

forever a boy i’ll remain

even with time’s stones a’rolling

and all of life’s a game

and hey did i forget?

my new baby’s on the way

so baby let’s get on the plane

and live this life again.



Venus in Leo.

364FCB5F00000578-3692193-image-a-65_1468596778196On the search for an angel

off the Amalfi coast

to sweep her off her feet

and chase away my ghost

of solitude and lonesome

when all i had was brood

of roses and oceans

she’s got  me in the mood.

I’m the King of the world

it’s an oyster i traverse

some say i play too much

well they must be perverse

for what else is the king to do

but to gaze upon his creatures

i’m just playing by the rules

when Leo is in Venus


La vie est belle / 17


Dive into the echoes of the heart of the ocean

every movement a song , writhing in magic’s motion

possibility’s a potion-that relieves all the commotion

in the mind that should be still

when a Jack meets his Jill.

Hello, from the globe’s eye

why not fly on our next try

maybe Paris , maybe Dubai

all aboard loves boat to set sail with the dancing queen

oh remember my youth , when i was 17.


Lady Lourdes Leon



She runs in the rain!

hey! i can’t complain

that her sneakers got wet

and she missed the night train

and she danced in the park

to the drums -she was a spark

and a breath of fresh air

slippery skin,silk hair

and she told me that she wanted to go

up in the clouds and that nobody would know

what we did up there

only angels could hear

and we would birth some new stars in the sky

and sprinkle charms upon the planet, yes her and i.

and i’m watching and i’m waiting cos’ she likes to roam

never keep your eyes wide shut for Lourdes Leon

and she shared kisses, hugs and laughter, all while on her own

she’s a cherubs soul in rapture,Lady Lourdes Leon.




The Last Laugh

They laughed in my face

called me a disgrace

took my penny lot

and my guitar case.

called me a fool

yes,old friends from school

said i was inept

and would lead the city to debt.

but i know me

a me , they don’t see

that speaks four languages

and acquired three degrees

that awakened the beast and remained true

to my plan to bring my fair Britain out from the E u

Now it is i who represent

the union jack and yes i have been sent

by prime minister May

to bring back the pride and glory of the great U.K.



mum!,whats all the fuss?

and why are all these people following us?

and why are they taking photos?

and why is your face on the side of the bus?


Mum! are you like famous?

what does that word even mean?

all i know is we travel all the time

and i hear people call you Queen

and i kinda get anything i want

so hey life’s swell

and my wishes in my past life came true

when i threw the coins in the well.