rtsbq7iLet’s hide our money

where no one can see

There’ll be a lot for you

and a lot more for me

It’s a haven for the rich

people like you and i

who came from nothing

from dirt poor to the sky.

what if they discover

well then we’ll move

our money to a new place

while they still try to prove

the name behind the face

and the shell with a camera

we’ll look at our pictures and smile

when we remember , panama!.images (14)



The Nice guy

landscape-1459195349-hbz-nice-guy-00-index.jpgLets go out, how about to “the nice guy”

it’s hard to get in, oh well we’ll give it a try

we’ll make a reservation, call the number on the screen

maybe we’ll be seen , become a part of the scene

Maybe get a pasta, heard that’s what Kendall likes

Maybe get a selfie, cos i heard that she’s polite

maybe get her number , who am i kidding, right?

damn, i love this town , good ole’ Hollywood life.



The city is mine

it’s rights and signs

it’s kites and dimes

it’s nights and times.

The city is mine

Like the back of my hand

and it was always my plan

to be known as “The man”.

The city is mine

Like the apple in my eye

i am the catcher of the rye

i own a nice slice of the pie.

Her hair is blonde

eyes are blue

i bet you wish this could happen to you

when all the girls wait in line

and i chill in the clouds

cos’ the city is mine.