329DA73400000578-3512588-She_likes_it_This_comes_just_after_1970s_TV_Wonder_Woman_Lynda_C-a-22_1459180837048She scratches the surface

Guarding her heart from the flame

He calls her name

From a distance

in an instant, she warms in his pain

The bluest eyes cried when she told a lie

Stolen from the fray as they watched the dawning of the day

Again and  again, as he drowned in her pain

Brushed by the plains , and her love was a stain

the woods were the same

but their hearts had changed

and still she guarded

with the truth she would gain

the bloom and the sane

the light and the flame.


The 1%


They know the numbers

They speak in code

Doors are open

They own the road

They sit in the sky

They rule from high

They walk on air

They pass,we stare

They feed on applause

They bathe in praise

They write the Cheque

They give the raise

They know the web

and the spider’s game

The 1% is their name.